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Art Direction

Graphic Design


Introduction: Verve, a cutting-edge fashion and online store, has successfully ventured into the world of cosmetics, offering a diverse range of premium products. As a branding studio dedicated to capturing the attention of graphic designers, we had the privilege to collaborate with Verve in creating a captivating brand identity that speaks volumes to their target audience. In this case study, we will delve into the mark logo, typography, color scheme, and photography that encompass the essence of Verve.

Mark Logo: At the heart of Verve's visual identity lies a dynamic mark that represents the brand's vitality and uniqueness. We took inspiration from the letter "V" in Verve and multiplied it to form an intricate pattern that exudes rhythm and energy. This distinctive mark captures attention and serves as a visual hook, leaving a lasting impression on the audience. Its harmonious balance with the vibrant photography reinforces Verve's identity as a trendsetter in the fashion and beauty industry.

Typography: To strike the perfect balance between boldness and elegance, we curated a typographic combination of Poppins and Blenny Black. Poppins, a modern and versatile sans-serif font, conveys a sense of minimalism and sophistication. Complementing Poppins, Blenny Black, a bold serif font, adds a touch of character and playfulness to the brand. The use of contrasting weights enhances readability and ensures that the typography remains engaging across various brand touchpoints.

Color Scheme: Verve's color palette revolves around the timeless combination of solid black, white, and a striking red hue. Black signifies sophistication and elegance, serving as a canvas for the brand's visual elements to shine. White brings a sense of purity and modernity, representing the brand's commitment to quality. Finally, the vibrant red adds a pop of excitement and allure, capturing attention and evoking a sense of passion and confidence.

Photography: In showcasing the diverse range of Verve's fashion and beauty offerings, our photography strategy focuses on capturing the essence of individuality and vibrant self-expression. Our fashion picks feature colorful models who embody the brand's values, radiating confidence and uniqueness. The photographs serve as visual narratives, inviting the audience to explore the world of Verve and discover their own sense of style within the brand's offerings.

Conclusion: Through a meticulously crafted brand identity, Verve stands out as a captivating and trendsetting force in the fashion and beauty industry. The mark logo, typography, color scheme, and photography work harmoniously to convey a sense of vitality, sophistication, and individuality. By embracing the unique combination of dynamic design elements and a vibrant aesthetic, Verve appeals to graphic designers and fashion enthusiasts alike, leaving an indelible mark in their hearts.

As a branding studio, it has been our privilege to collaborate with Verve and create a brand identity that truly captures the essence of their vision. Together, we have brought their vibrant world to life and paved the way for endless possibilities in the fashion and beauty landscape.

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