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Splif - THC products

Art Direction

Packaging Design

Social Media

Graphic Design

Our main goal was to capture the essence of the Splif brand and create a visual identity that would resonate with their target audience.

We began by researching the cannabis and skincare industries to gain a better understanding of the market trends, consumer preferences, and competition. Based on this research, we created a mood board with different elements and color palettes that would convey the desired tone and style for the brand.

Once we had a clear direction for the visual identity, we started working on the logo design. We played around with different typography styles, custom lettering, and color combinations until we arrived at a unique and memorable logo that perfectly represented the brand.

After the logo was finalized, we moved on to designing the packaging and labeling for the Splif products. We kept the design simple and elegant, using a mix of green, black, and white to create a sophisticated look that would appeal to the brand's target audience.

Overall, our goal was to create a visual identity that would help Splif stand out in a crowded market and establish itself as a bold, new, and elegant brand. We believe that our work achieved this goal and helped Splif achieve its branding and marketing objectives.

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