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Art Direction

Graphic Design


Welcome to a captivating journey through the realm of typographic design, where spirituality and materialism converge. This series of eight typographic posters serves as a personal testament, intended to illuminate the pitfalls and dangers one may encounter on the path of spiritual materialism. With meticulous design decisions and deliberate concepts, we invite you to explore the symbiotic relationship between typography, introspection, and the human experience.

Design Approach:
At the heart of this project lies a profound belief in the power of typography as a conduit for communication. To effectively convey the message, a grid system was employed, consisting of three columns and four rows. This structured framework served as the backbone for organizing and arranging typographic elements. By deliberately interchanging typography within this grid, we aimed to strike a harmonious balance between consistency and variation, representing the diverse facets of spiritual materialism.

Color and Imagery:
In adherence to the project's essence, a restrained color palette was chosen, emphasizing the subtlety and depth of the typographic expressions. The predominant utilization of gothic condensed typefaces imbues the compositions with an aura of mystery and contemplation. However, to inject moments of freshness and intrigue, script typefaces were selectively integrated, providing dynamic contrast while maintaining the overall cohesion of the project.

Supporting imagery was selectively incorporated to augment the conceptual narrative conveyed by the posters. These images serve as visual catalysts, evoking emotions and reinforcing the core ideas depicted through the interplay of type. The fusion of typographic elements and carefully chosen visuals strengthens the resonance of the messages, inviting viewers to reflect upon their own experiences.

Conceptual Significance:
Through this series of typographic posters, we delve into the concept of spiritual materialism—an exploration of the delicate balance between the spiritual realm and the materialistic tendencies we encounter in our daily lives. By sharing personal experiences and insights, we seek to shed light on the potential pitfalls and challenges faced on this path. Our intention is to foster awareness, encouraging viewers to navigate these treacherous waters with a discerning eye.

As we invite you to immerse yourself in this typographic odyssey, we hope that our design choices and concepts illuminate the multifaceted nature of spiritual materialism. Delving into the depths of introspection, we endeavor to offer a guiding light, enabling designers and type enthusiasts to embrace the intricate dance between spirituality and materialism while evoking a sense of contemplation and growth.

Embark on this typographic expedition and let the fusion of form and meaning kindle your curiosity, awaken your senses, and challenge your perceptions. Together, let us unravel the enigmatic tapestry of spiritual materialism.

 Juan Felipe Salcedo.

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