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FUROS Interior design

Art Direction

Graphic Design

Web & Media

Furos is a minimalistic, modern interior design studio that specializes in creating spaces that are both functional and visually stunning. In order to achieve their goals, they needed a brand identity that reflected their philosophy of simplicity and elegance.

The challenge was to create a brand that was both timeless and contemporary, and that conveyed their core values of minimalism, taoism, and the Japanese concept of Japandi. Our team worked closely with Furos to develop a brand identity that was both unique and memorable, while still remaining true to their philosophy and target audience.

The design process involved developing a brand name that captured the essence of the studio, as well as a logo and color palette that communicated their philosophy of simplicity and elegance. The font combination chosen for the brand identity was a modern serif paired with a sans serif, which created a perfect balance of tradition and modernity.

To ensure consistency across all touchpoints, we also created a set of guidelines that included everything from typography and color to photography and tone of voice. This ensured that Furos' brand was always represented in a consistent and professional manner.

The result was a brand identity that perfectly captured the essence of Furos' philosophy and vision. It was a brand that was not only visually stunning, but also communicated the studio's core values of minimalism, elegance, and functionality.

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